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Will Wilder 1: The Relic Of Perilous Falls [Latest 2022]




Review The Twelve Inks by Sue Finley is a story with a mystery at its heart, and it is an excellent mystery. Unfortunately, the story itself was not as good as the mystery. If you take a look at the cover, you’d be forgiven if you think this is a YA novel. While the cover is nice, the story doesn’t feel appropriate for a YA novel. The teen angst is a bit too intense for the book’s intended audience. This is a tale of murder, mystery, and a hidden past, all coming together in a small town called Perilous Falls. At its heart is a young boy named Cole. He’s a precocious little boy, who when he’s a teenager, finds that he’s been chosen to protect the world from an ancient evil. A dark past that he’s only just discovered. As Cole discovers more about his parents and his past, he begins to realize that they may not have been the best parents he could have had. The paranormal creatures that attack the town and Cole are trying to draw him into their world, where he can learn more about his parents and their troubled past. However, they also try to kill him. Who are these creatures? What is the connection to Cole’s parents? And why are they still hunting him after all these years? Everything is connected in this book. But before I get into the good stuff, I should mention that some of the plot was confusing. The writing was very unclear to me at times, and I didn’t understand a lot of what was happening. I get it, the writing is supposed to be vague to maintain the mystery at the heart of the book. However, in this case, the writing was too confusing and I didn’t get it. There were times where I thought I was following what was happening, only to find that I was actually wrong. This was a book that was hard to follow. As a stand-alone, The Twelve Inks isn’t terrible. It’s not so good that I won’t pick it up again. However, if you’re going to read it as part of a series, you’re better off reading it first. I don’t want to confuse you too much and have you quit before the story gets good. The paranormal creatures are interesting. They�




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Will Wilder 1: The Relic Of Perilous Falls [Latest 2022]

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