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Unisex 'Crush On Yourself' Snap Back Hats!

When I first created Crush On Yourself, I only had women in mind. But of course, it's because I am a women and the message and inspiration behind COY is to remind women of how often we get the shorter end of the stick. Not just in relationships but in many aspects of life. I've found the main reason for this is, women are natural nurturer's and we, as women, have a tendency to put the ones we love before ourselves. When in reality we, as women are the 'priority'.

I know you're thinking what does the above have to do with the 'unisex' snap backs?! Well, being that 'women' usually get the shorter end of the stick, why, would I consider making anything for 'men'? Well, it appears, there happens to be some really great men out there, where at times, they receive the shorter end of the stick, just as women experience. And the story goes...

One day I was out shopping at Lenox Mall and I gave a women my card and was with her spouse. As I was explaining to the women what COY' Crush On Yourself was all about. Her spouse said, "what a minute! Only for women?? What about us, men? We sometimes get the shorter end of the stick as well. " Me: Yeah okay, laughing...

But I later thought about what he said, then figured it wouldn't hurt to do something small for 'men' in the meantime. Afterall, he is right. I know at lot of good men, who are overlooked because of just that, "being a good man" So, the unisex Crush On Yourself snap back hats were created!

The unisex snap back hats is a great idea for couples who what to dress-a-like. He can wear the snap back and she can wear the COY T-shirt. Perfect!

Get your 'unisex Crush On Yourself' snap back hat:

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