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Crush On Yourself, "Casual Friday" Try this casual look with your COY' T-shirt...

Winnie 'Creator of Crush On Yourself' shows us how to rock the Crush On Yourself ' Women's Premium Tank Top casually, while still showing some style...(see image below) For the women who like to wear 'tank tops with skinny jeans and heels, ' I'm here for it! But what about those days when, heels just aren't in the cards and it's Friday??!! Well, that's when the 'Crush On Yourself' Women's Premium Tank Top comes in to play! Pair it with a simple button up (flared open), skinny jeans and those favorite pair of kicks! This casual look, is simply casual, yet stylish. It makes people curious as to how you will look when you're not so casual. But in the meantime, keep it casual and mysterious.😉

Women's Premium Tank Top: 💚

What would you pair your Crush On Yourself ' Women's Premium Tank Top with?

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