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"Boyfriend buys girlfriend 'Crush On Yourself' Cropped Top as an engagement gift!"

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

U.S Navy boyfriend D.Dawson buys girlfriend 'Crush On Yourself' Cropped Top as an engagement gift. D.Dawson left the U.S Navy after his life was almost taken on an active duty assignment. Dawson left the U.S Navy and went to work for AMEX, which is where he meet his 'cute blonde' as he would say, girlfriend Trisha. After several years Dawson left AMEX and moved on to another company where he is making more money and can now afford to buy a home for him and his girlfriend Trisha. Dawson says now that he can afford to buy a home for Trisha, "it's only right to ask her to marry me and make her my wife!" She said, Yes! He wanted to buy his girl an engagement gift but didn't know what to buy her. But when he found out about Crush On Yourself', he said he loves the message for COY' Crush On Yourself and how well it represents what he has in Trisha. Dawson says she's beautiful, strong, and independent and couldn't ask for a better fit of a partner (wife to be). He loves how she identifies with who she is and what she wants, and how he is apart of her wants and needs. Dawson: I will always want Trisha to COY' even-though, I am and will always be right by her side. "I love a strong woman! " Dawson says Trisha is so in love with her Crush On Yourself' Cropped Top that she won't take it off and wants to wear it everywhere! Trisha says it's so soft! Feels like cashmere! "Dawson: This Crush On Yourself' Cropped Top is getting more love than me! Laughs"

Crush On Yourself' Cropped Top:

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