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Crush On Yourself

' Cause' You're a Priority '

" Strength is Confidence... and Confidence is simply understanding to Crush On Yourself "

Hi everyone!

I'm Winnie, the creator and founder of Crush On Yourself. I want to thank you for joining my site. I'm so excited to have your attention!

I created Crush On Yourself  to inspire strong women, like yourself, who want to remain in control of themselves, and to remember your strength when you are feeling weak or at your lowest point. Which is something we have all experienced or currently experiencing and will continue to experience throughout this journey called, life. 

 Crush On Yourself is all about developing a healthier relationship with yourself by acknowledging your characteristics, your values, and just all the qualities that you have to offer as an individual to set yourself as a Priority, every single day. 

Every relationship starts with the one that you have with yourself. You and you, is how your very first relationship starts before it's ever you and him or you and any other person. 

How good or bad are you to yourself? Do you neglect your values or uphold  them? Do you love yourself for who you are or do you wait for someone else to love you first? What qualities do you have, that makes you set yourself as a Priority everyday to attack your goals and to be the best version of You?

Being able to acknowledge and answer these questions are all relevant to You before you can initiate any healthy relationship. But more importantly to build and maintain a healthier relationship with Yourself.

The moral of the story is, whatever relationship you desire with someone else, make sure you are in that same relationship with yourself.




Crush On Yourself

"Cause' Priority You're a Priorty!

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